About the Club

About the Club

The BGC Dieppe is THE BEST at inspiring OUR children and youth to live their life to the fullest potential.

The voice of a child who feels accepted, competent, useful and that he or she is a part of something bigger, is exactly what the BGC Dieppe represents. The Club offers everything from sports and fitness, to education about health and self-esteem. The Club provides a ray of hope for our kids and helps them achieve their dreams one a time.

Our Club provides services for approximately 650 children and youth in the Dieppe area. We do more than just give the kids a place to be after school, in the evenings and during the summer. We provide homework help, tutoring in French and English, arts and crafts activities, nutrition and health education, and computer practice. We offer skill training in areas such as; leadership, entrepreneurship and sports. There is something for everyone! All our programs focus on child and youth development, instilling a sense of competence, belonging, power and usefulness in every child.  

Above all, BGC Dieppe is a Positive Place for Kids !

By simply joining the Club, the children and youth of Dieppe are already taking a step towards a brighter future.