What we Do

What we Do

BGC Dieppe provides a fun and safe environment for youth ages 5 – 18 to learn, play, meet new friends and grow. Top-quality programs that include sports, arts and crafts, group activities and tutoring is what BGC Dieppe offers to hundreds of youths in our area.

Our Club strives to help youth develop the confidence to be able to deal with life’s challenges, their self-worth and positive relationships. Whether it’s a testimonial about how an individual has made a difference in his/her community or simply that a child or youth has learned how to play team sports – we strive to make sure all youth develop ambitions.

 Keystone Club:

The Keystone Club is for members 14 to 18 who show leadership potential. Through service within the Club and in the community, Keystones promotes education, career preparation and community service. Feedback from the youth involved is valued and encouraged. Our staff is trained to pitch-in and assist wherever and whenever they are needed. These Club members provide a lot of input and insight for many of the Club’s operations.

 Torch Club:

The Torch Club is for members who are 10 to 13. The programs and activities are developed by the members themselves. Through participation and planning, our members learn democratic principles such as: freedom, justice and tolerance. Torch Club members engage in service-learning projects like cleaning up streets, parks, playgrounds and local waterways. This program focuses on community service, education, athletics, fitness and fun.

 Take It E.A.S.Y.:

 This National program focuses on teaching our youth self-esteem and confidence. This program was initially developed in Nova Scotia and has been adopted by our Club. Our staff and volunteers have been trained to effectively administer this program. Take It E.A.S.Y. provides small-group modules specifically designed to address the priority issues identified by the youth themselves such as: bullying, peer pressure, body image, sex and sexuality. The modules have been created with unique characteristics to meet the needs of pre-teens (8 to 12 years old) and teens (13 to 15 years old).

Cool Moves:

Cool Moves is a national activity and healthy eating awareness program designed to create a life-long appreciation for a healthy, active lifestyle. Cool Moves has two distinct parts: Eat Smart, in which participants are encouraged to make healthier eating choices, and Play Cool, in which participants are encouraged to engage in more physical activity. (Ages 8-12)

 Kid Tech Nation:

 Kid Tech Nation teaches children digital skills, coding concepts, internet safety, and computational thinking, while building Club staff capacity with digital training and teaching resources. The program also focuses on engaging young people that are typically underrepresented in STEM fields: girls, racialized and Indigenous children, and children from newcomer families. (Ages 7-12)

Flex your Head:

Flex Your Head! is a program supported by AstraZeneca that promotes mental health and well-being for youth. It is designed for all youth and takes a fun and engaging approach to help young people learn useful strategies to prevent and manage distress. Flex Your Head! addresses mental health issues in safe, inclusive, and respectful Club environments. Positive mental health is not the absence of depression, anxiety or pain. Rather, it’s about embracing a range of mental experiences and being able to pursue a meaningful life.  Flex Your Head! promotes resiliency and understanding in order to help youth translate their understanding of mental health into positive, anti-stigma attitudes and actions in their Clubs and communities. (Ages 13+)

Kid Food Nation:

Kid Food Nation is a national initiative that helps kids and families develop food skills through hands-on experiences related to planning, preparing, and cooking. The program also features an online hub with resources for healthy eating and meal preparation, and a national recipe competition that encourages kids to put their food literacy skills into practice and submit original, healthy, and nutritious recipes. Our Kid Food Nation online hub was created by Corus Entertainment, and our program is developed through collaboration with Dietitians of Canada. (Ages 7-12)

 Giant Tiger Giant Steps:

Giant Steps offers opportunities for young people to complete homework in a supportive environment, and also offers them the chance to learn about opportunities for further education or career guidance. Through Giant Steps, youth build knowledge and skills not only in academics, but also in communication and leadership. (Ages 12-14)

Discovery Labs:

Discovery Labs engage kids in science concepts through interactive activities that connects science to real world contexts. The program focuses on hands-on experiments, increases understanding of scientific approaches, and creates opportunities for problem solving, idea refinement, and iterative learning. (Ages 8-11)

Power Up!:

Power Up! is an academic support program that helps kids develop positive study habits and practices at school, and encourages a life-long interest in learning. Participants are given the tools and environment necessary to set and plan for academic goals, and are helped along the way by volunteer tutors and mentors. (Ages 6-12)

Basic Needs, Brighter Future:

The Basic Needs, Brighter Future program provides young people with resources to enhance and expand their access to food, education relating to food, and the development of healthy habits and life skills. Grants allow Clubs to feed more young people and their families, promote the importance of healthy habits, and educate Club staff and members. (For all ages)

Project Backpack:

Project Backpack is designed to help reduce food insecurity for young people and their families. Once a week, program participants (selected with discretion by the Club) are given a food-filled backpack to bring home, with nutritious food that they can easily assemble into healthy meals over the weekend or during time periods when Clubs or schools are unable to provide meals. (For all ages)