Lakeburn Rockwall

Climbing wall


History of the Rockwall

The Rockwall was installed in 2015 with the help of the City of Dieppe and their Participatory Budgeting Project. It features a 20 foot climbing wall with 8 various routes run by individual auto belay systems.

About the Rockwall

The Rockwall is open to those above the age of 7 years old. Our staff are trained on the proper way to harness participants and will instruct climbers of rules to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Helmets and closed toe shoes must be worn, gloves are optional. A Rockwall waiver form must be signed before BGC Dieppe staff will allow participants to climb the wall.

How to access the Rockwall

Members of BGC Dieppe have access to the Rockwall during planned activity time. Please consult the individual programs monthly activity schedule for planned times.

The Lakeburn Rockwall is open to the public on scheduled community Rockwall days. Please check our Facebook Page for more information on upcoming Rockwall days.

Rockwall rentals are available, depending on gym availability. Please contact for more information.