Drop-In Program

Drop-in Program

Evening Drop-In Program (during the academic year)

Our BGC Dieppe Drop-In program aims to serve children and youth in the community between the ages of 7-18. You can find us throughout the school year on Monday-Friday from 6:00pm-8:00pm for ages 7-12 and from 7:00pm-9:00pm for ages 13-18. Throughout the week we offer purposefully planned programs that encourage the youth to get hands on, to learn new concepts and skills and to realize their full potential.

Want to sign up? Its easy. Come in person to BGC Dieppe and request a membership form from one of the staff. Once it is filled out, there is a small 10-dollar fee that covers the cost of the activities for the year (outings might require a small additional fee depending on what is planned) and then you are all set and the registration process is complete.

What we currently offer:

Kid Food Nation – this is a cooking program that allows children and youth the opportunity to get hands on in the kitchen, learn how to follow a recipe, learn kitchen safety, learn how to cook new foods, and encourage youth to food that they might have never had the chance to before.

Let’s get physical – this program offers children and youth the opportunity to move their body in unique ways. It might be sports one week, nature walk the next, to organized games where the youth don’t even realize that they are getting in their active minutes for the day. The staff always have something fun and unique planned!

Mental Health/Flex your head – mental health is extremely important in helping with the development with youth, and here at BGC Dieppe we offer a safe space for the youth to talk about stuff that is going on in their lives and obtain necessary resources to overcome obstacles. The staff leading this program are here to help the youth gain the skills and coping mechanisms needed to overcome barriers that youth are facing.

All things science – a hands on science program where youth will learn new scientific concepts weekly while conducting the hands-on science experiment themselves. This science program will allow the youth to get messy, use their imagination, discover new concepts and more!

Art – every week the youth will be presented with new ways to get creative. One week it might be painting, the next might be embroidery, digital art or more! No previous skills are needed, everyone can create art in their own way! The opportunities with this program are endless!

Homework Help – available every night of the week upon request. Youth are invited to bring their schoolwork with them to drop-in and the staff will sit with them and provide them with help when needed. Laptops and Tablets available to the youth to use during drop-in hours to complete homework/projects. This time can also be utilized for staff helping youth build resumes and help them look for job opportunities.

On top of all the programs that we offer, there are other planned activities that take place. We might be in the gym, in the games room playing board games, outside in the playground, or potentially on an outing. When you come to the club, you are entering a safe space where you can express yourself as you are, create relationships with peers and staff, learn something new and discover a new interest. The possibilities are endless!

Summer Drop-In (July and August only)

Looking for something for your youth to do during the summer? Something that will provide them with new opportunities, the chance to explore new places and excursions, the chance to meet people their age and learn new things? Look no further than the BGC Dieppe Summer Program. For youth ages 10-18 we offer a variety of purposefully planned programs during the summer that meet their needs and encourages exploration, continuous learning, and healthy peer interactions.

Summer hours are as follows:

Monday and Friday – 10:00am-5:00pm unless otherwise specified. These are our outing days. Please pay close attention to the registration sheet to see what time we are expected to depart and what time to expect our arrival. Outings might include but are not limited to Fundy National Park, Hopewell Rocks, Joggins Fossils, Livingston Outdoor Adventures (LOA) overnight camping trip, Magic Mountain, FunZone and more!

Tuesday and Thursday – 10:00am-5:00pm. These are days that we stay at the club and do some fun planned activities. These might include messy day, water day, survivor challenges, BGC Dieppe summer Olympics, BGC’s next great baker and more!

You will find us here on Wednesday from 1pm-5pm. These are shorter days but they are always filled with activities for the youth. We typically do larger theme days on Wednesday such as Hawaiian day, Carnival day, Music Day and more!

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information about our Drop-In Program by phone 506-857-3807 ext. 113 or email programmer@dbgc.org